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Text & communications advice

There are times when you just don't know what you should write for your English speech to the Buyer's Association, or how you should describe one of your products and/or services in your sales brochure or on your website. I can help you with these situations and more.

How Mrs.Write can help you

I help you first by listening to your needs and asking you this simple question: what do you want to achieve with your English speech, website or sales materials? From there, I will advise you on some possible lead-ins, body of text and closing remark possibilities.

Putting it all together

After you agree to the story-line and text ideas I will be able to write a comprehensive website, sales or speech text well suited to your specific audience. This will get you the visibility you need to better serve your English-speaking existing and future customers.

Contact Mrs.Write today for a free consultation.

Who is Mrs.Write?