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My portfolio

From small independent businesses to large multi-national corporations, I have had the pleasure and experience in creating and refreshing text for external/internal websites, sales materials, speeches and interviews.

My clients

Currently, my clients include an independent design project firm, a West-African eco travel company, an International financial institution and an International accounting firm.

My text projects

I have had the pleasure of working on many different kinds of text projects: Formal speeches for banking directors, professional/casual website text, casual/sincere/energetic website text, informal/friendly interviews for digital magazines and professional/friendly brochure text.

‘Know thy audience’

Each client or business sector needs to present a different tone of voice into their written communications in order to attract specific clients and win new business. That's where I come in.

My cardinal rule throughout my career has been ‘Know thy audience’. And so, when I agree to an assignment, I take the time to research my clients' area of expertise, ask questions, listen well to the answers and take into consideration what kind of audience they would like to attract. From there I can determine tone-of-voice and style.

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Who is Mrs.Write?