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Hiring Mrs.Write

I am not merely a translator or editor. I take time to get to know my clients and their needs before ever setting pencil to paper. Meeting deadlines is important to me, but no text is ever sent back to my clients until I am satisfied that the message is clear and the proper tone is reflected.

By the hour

Because of that intensive work, and unlike many copywriting and translation firms, I don't charge by the word. Instead, I charge an hourly rate which reflects my work and any expenses incurred during the assignment. Billing takes place monthly.

Hourly calculations

After we have had our first consultation I review your text project and take into consideration any further research, necessary contacts/interviews, coordination and travel time. From this review I can determine approximately how many hours I will need to finish your text.

What happens next?

After I have taken all the details into consideration I will send you a job confirmation e-mail including a basic review of our meeting and the approximate hours I will need to finish your text project.

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Who is Mrs.Write?