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About Mrs.Write

Mrs.Write, alias Kimberly Bredero (, is a native English speaker and professional copywriter specialised in creative English writing and Dutch-to-English translations.

The right text for your audience

Because she has been living in The Netherlands for eleven years, Mrs.Write is fluent in Dutch and understands the ins and outs of corporate Dutch and European communication. She can, therefore, interpret your needs into perfect English text, exactly suited to your specific audience.

Stiff competition

For the last seven years Mrs.Write has been living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During this time, she has noticed the growing need for small and medium businesses to compete with the larger multi-national companies for the attention of the ever-growing population of English-speaking companies and consumers. Likewise, the multi-nationals are also finding themselves in a position to cater more to their English-speaking managers and new/existing consumers.

Solving your text issues

Mrs.Write will solve the issue of English communications for your small/medium business or large corporation. How? She will provide you with clear, creative English text for your website, sales materials or speeches, which will in turn help your business grow within the English-speaking population.

Your link to clear, native English communications

Do you have sensitive Dutch text which needs to be translated into perfect English for a specific audience? Has your website been translated into English by a non-native speaker and, therefore, not receiving the kind of visibility you had hoped to receive? Is your English-speaking director visiting The Netherlands and does he/she need to give a solid, understandable speech to a Dutch audience? Mrs.Write can assist you in these situations and more with clear, fresh, audience-appropriate text.

How can Mrs.Write help you?

Find out more about how Mrs.Write can help you and your company by reviewing her services and approach or contact Mrs.Write today for a free consultation.

Who is Mrs.Write?